Republic of Ghana

Water and Sanitation

Water-Sector Governance

The project was focused on clarifying and rationalizing institutional relationships among the regional, district and community structures involved in managing small-town and rural water supplies.  DISCAP worked with leaders and specialists at these three levels to develop a system for operation and maintenance (O&M), revenue collection, and governance that is consistent with relevant national policies on decentralization, poverty reduction, water and sanitation, and environmental protection in Ghana.

Small-Town Water Systems

DISCAP developed a series of community-level models aimed at optimizing the governance, O&M, revenue collection, asset management, and water quality and quantity, in relation to small-town water systems, an area which faces many challenges in northern Ghana.  With local polytechnics, the project also organized a training course for operators and managers of small-town systems, and for area mechanics who support these systems.

Integrated Water Resources Management

DISCAP animated a task force in northern Ghana to develop a multi-sector, multi-Ministry approach to integrated water resources management--for potable water, agricultural production, public health and natural-resource management.  This was a unique initiative in Ghana.


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