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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

DISCAP developed a wide range of methods for engaging project stakeholders.  The key tool in this regard was the Project Steering Committee, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Environment, and comprising respected northern leaders in the fields of regional economic planning, district administration, water supply and sanitation, gender and development, environmental protection, and rural development.

The project also organized regional and tri-regional workshops of stakeholders to review project progress and plan new activities, as well as using, in all its major components, action-research techniques at the community and institutional levels across all components. 

Regional Strategic Planning

With support from DISCAP, the Regional Ministers of the three participating regions and their senior officials, met twice-yearly to cooperate on joint strategic planning for the development of northern Ghana.  This series of meetings evolved into the premier venue for regional leaders to meet with major bilateral and multilateral donors to exchange perspectives and develop joint plans. The 34 District Chief Executives in the project area took part in these meetings, as well.

Information Technology

The project supported the installation of, and training for, computer hardware and software in regional and district administrations, and in district water and sanitation team offices, in particular.  It provided e-mail accounts for the regional and district  government leadership.  As well, DISCAP designed a new electronic tool for managing water-system assets at the district and community levels.

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