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Best Practices Conference 2007

Best Practices Conference:  Decentralized Management in the Context of GPRS and MDBS

Dr. Chris Brown, DISCAP Team Leader, and Dr. Sulley Gariba, Director of the Institute for Policy Alternatives presented the conference’s keynote paper, outlining the challenges, best practices and opportunities associated with the conference theme.  Expert panels led policy sessions on planning and institutional managements, decentralized management of water, gender mainstreaming in a decentralized framework, and resource mobilization for decentralized development. 


·         Agenda Best Practices Conference Ghana

·         Comprehensive Decentralized Policy Framework MLGRDE

·         DDF and FOAT BP Conference PowerPoint Presentation

·         Decentralized Management of Water, PPT

·         Decentralized Water Management-CWSA Perspective, PPT

·         Decentralization, GPRS and MDBS, Final, PPT

·         Decentralized Management in Context of GPRS and MDBS, PPT

·         DISCAP Key Note Address by Poku-Adusei at BP Conference

·         Discussants Comments by Mary Mpereh, BP Conference, PPT

·         GENDER Mainstream and Decentralized Governance, 2007, PPT

·         Ghana Decentralized Management of Water, DISCAP, PPT

·         Governance from the Ground Up, Accra, May 2007, PPT

·         Institutional Change for Women’s Rights, Preliminary Findings, May 2007,PPT

·         Institutionalizing Gender Mainstreaming in a Decentralized Framework, PPT

·         Paper presented by B. Bandie, NDPC, BP Conference, May 8 2007

·         Resource Mobilization for Decentralized Development, Paper




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