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Decentralization Policy

Unlike most projects, DISCAP designed and tested policy innovations on the ground, with its local partners, in its programming area.  Over time, the project migrated these innovations, through policy dialogue, training, and networking, to the national level.

These policy innovations focused on decentralization policy, water supply and gender equality, among other areas.

Best Practices Conference Decentralized Management in the Context of GPRS and MDBS

Can the centralizing features of poverty reduction strategy papers and multi-donor budget support be reconciled with a deepening of the decentralized governance system?  This challenging question was the focus of a Best Practice Conference organized by Ghana's Institute of Local Government Studies and sponsored by DISCAP, on May 8-9, 2007, in Accra.
Click here to access the conference agenda and presentations.

Working Documents on Decentralization Policy

What did DISCAP learn over its seven-year life cycle about decentralization policy and the implementation of on-the-ground interventions to assess, generate, test, refine and replicate appropriate and feasible policies in support of decentralization?
Click here to read DISCAP's Project Completion Report.

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